Worktop Oil

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Dirt & water resistant surface
All wood types - Safe for food contact
Natural appearance - highlights grain and wood structure

WOCA Worktop Oil is for naturally sealing wooden worktops, kitchen counter tops, and butcher block.

Worktop Oil is a plant based, food safe penetrating oil that soaks deep into the wood, leaving a tough water- and stain-resistant surface. 

The oil highlights the wood’s natural character and gives the surface a low sheen, matte appearance.  Compatible with all wood species, Worktop Oil can be used on freshly sanded surfaces or surfaces that have previously been oil-treated.

  • protects and seals
  • enhances the natural character of the wood
  • safe for food contact
  • easy to apply
  • easy to touch up 
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to renew

WOCA Worktop Oil hardens inside the wood pores protecting and sealing wooden worktops, counter tops, island tops, tables, and butcher block.  

A wood surface treated with WOCA Worktop Oil should be regularly cleaning with WOCA Natural Soap Spray Bottle, a non-stripping cleanser, to nourish the finish and add greater durability.  

  1. Sand the surface with grit 180 sandpaper. Vacuum clean the surface to remove sanding residue.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface with WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner, mixed 1 part cleaner to 20 parts water.
  3. After cleaning, leave the work surface to dry for at least 8 hours at 68°F.
  4. Mix the oil thoroughly.
  5. Use a paintbrush to distribute an appropriate amount of oil in an even, covering coat. If possible, the reverse side of the work surface should also be given a coat of oil.
  6. Wait approx. 30 minutes at 68°F, while the oil soaks into the wood. Apply more oil if dry areas appear.
  7. Polish with the red or white WOCA hand scrubber along the direction of the wood grain. This will make the surface more durable.
  8. Then wipe off all excess oil with a lint-free cotton cloth. No excess oil should remain on the surface.
  9. Allow the surface to rest for an hour and repeat steps 3 to 7.
  10. The surface should be treated two or three times before use. For the final treatment sand in wet oil with grain 280-400 sandpaper, before wiping off with a lint-free cotton cloth.
  11. The oiled surface can be used after 24 hours. During this period, the surface must not come into contact with water. The oil does not harden completely until after about a week. Therefore, treat with care during this period. Any spilled liquids should be wiped up immediately.
Cleaning: For daily cleaning, use WOCA Natural Soap or WOCA Natural Soap spray. Maintenance: Maintain the work surface with oil as required (steps 2-7). For a superior result, use Worktop Oil or WOCA Maintenance Gel. For a more thorough restoration, follow the entire procedure, steps 1-10.

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Worktop Oil Instructions