Wood Stain Spot Remover

For use on unfinished, soaped, oiled or waxed interior wood  surfaces
Effectively dissolves grease, blood, coffee, tea etc.

In the event of a stain, such as those resulting from red wine or mustard spills, WOCA Spot Remover is sprayed on the stain and the spot is scrubbed. It may be necessary to add Master Oil or Maintenance Paste afterward.

  1. Spray Spot Remover evenly on the stain directly from the canister.
  2. Leave the Spot Remover to dissolve the stain for 10-20 min.
  3. Scrub with a soft bristle brush until the stain has been dissolved.
  4. Repeat steps if necessary.
  5. Wipe the spot with a cloth wrung out in luke-warm water.
  6. When the floor is completely dry apply the original surface finish to re-establish the protection of the surface.

Additional Information and Instructions