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Wood Lye

WOCA Wood Lye is a mild, non-corrosive form of bleach, which may be used whenever a whitewashed or driftwood appearance is desired. Wood Lye can be applied on all wood species and is available in two colors, White and Grey. Results vary.

Coverage: Approx. 100 sq. ft / liter


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Additional Information and Instructions

EXAMPLE - Order for 900 s.f. pine white-washed floor:

  1. 10 liters Wood Lye White - four 2.5 liter jugs
  2. 7.5 liters Master Oil White - one 5 liter and one 2.5 liter jug
  3. 3 tubes Maintenance Paste White
  4. 5 Polish Cloths

Products to maintain this floor - Soap White & Oil Refresher White


WOCA Wood Lye-HD from Woca Products from Woca Direct on Vimeo.