Softwood Lye

WOCA:A Lye Softwood/2.5/*HM*
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Prevents yellowing and enhances wood's natural grain
Lye priming of unfinished interior softwoods
Whitewash finish
250 sqft per container

WOCA Softwood Lye is treatment for Softwood species- Pines, Douglas Fir, Larch, and Spruce.  WOCA Softwood Lye lightens the wood and minimizes the yellow tones. 

Softwood Lye contains white pigment and is the first step in how to whitewash Pine.

  • Minimizes the yellow tones
  • Preserves the light colors of the wood
  • Only for softwoods
  • Contains white pigments
  • Not a stand alone finish- must be finished with WOCA Master Color Oil or WOCA Diamond Oil Active

* PLEASE NOTE * Due to the Sodium Hydroxide found in Softwood Lye the product has been deemed hazardous by the Department of Transportation and requires special documentation and transportation. A $75.00 Hazmat Fee per 1 box (4 containers) is mandated by the Department of Transportation and is required for ground shipping.

Due to the hazardous material in Softwood Lye, this product must be shipped via ground or next day air. There is an additional hazmat handling fee. This product is non-returnable. Please call our office at (877) 962 2645 to order.

To create a Scandinavian style floor, here's how to whitewash Pine with WOCA Products:

Step 1- Treat the wood surface with Softwood Lye

Step 2- Finish the wood surface with WOCA Diamond Oil Active in White or Extra White

Step 3- Regular cleaning and care is with WOCA Natural Soap in White and WOCA Oil Refresher in White

Note: Use of Softwood Lye may cause a greenish color at first, but will eventually fade to grey.

Wear suitable acid proof protective clothing, gloves and eye goggles for protection.
  1. The wood must be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. We recommend application as soon as possible after sanding.
  2. Shake the container. Pour the lye into a plastic bucket and stir regularly during application.
  3. Apply the lye with an acid-proof brush or synthetic applicator in an even coat on the floor,following the wood grain.
  4. Apply at least one liter of lye for every 100 sq.ft. of floor or woodwork.
  5. On vertical wood surfaces, apply from top to bottom.
  6. Let floor or woodwork dry overnight.
  7. When wood is dry, remove any visible lime pigments from the surface. This is best done using green buffing pad under a standard buffer. Subsequently vacuum the floor or wood surface.
  8. Finish the floor or woodwork with WOCA Master Color Oil or WOCA Diamond Oil Active.
Clean tools in water after use.