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2.5 Liter
250 Sqft per container

WOCA Precolor is a water based stain for coloring interior wood flooring and woodwork.  

Suitable for all wood species,  Precolor colors and enhances the wood grain prior to finishing with a WOCA Penetrating Oil. 

Precolor is available in the following colors:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White

The possibilities are endless with the different color combinations and layered looks that can be created with WOCA Precolor and WOCA Master Color Oil or WOCA Diamond Oil Active.  

WOCA Precolor is waterbased and can be diluted or mixed with other WOCA Precolors to create a custom color.

WOCA Pre-Color Application Instructions

  1. Apply the undiluted Pre-Color in an even layer lengthwise onto the floor with a brush or a paint roller.
  2. On vertical woodwork, apply from top to bottom.
  3. When the wood is dry, remove any visible pigments from the surface with a green pad under a floor buffer and then vacuum the floor clean.
  4. Finish the floor with WOCA Master Color Oil or WOCA Diamond Oil Active

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