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  • WOCA Swep Mop

    WOCA Denmark

    WOCA Swep Mop

    Easy to use and virtually indestructible – a great investment! Features: A sturdy, non-bending Commercial grade aluminum shaft and two sturdy handles, one fixed to the shaft and one attached to the mop head, making it is easy to control how...

    $31.13 - $159.00
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  • WOCA Commercial Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Commercial Soap

    Commercial Soap, formally known as Master Soap is used for the regular cleaning of all wood floors. Master Soap is suitable for Commercial floors that are exposed to high traffic and require frequent cleaning.  Cleans gently without leaving a film...

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  • Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care is for vinyl, LVT, laminate, and polyurethane wood floors. WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care strengthens the surface and protects against regular wear and minor scratches. WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Care is self-removable by the next...

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  • Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Soap is for cleaning of vinyl, LVT, laminate, polyurethane and painted wood floors. Vinyl- and Finish Soap does not create a buildup, therefore it is great for frequent cleaning.