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Natural Soap

When periodic cleaning is necessary, the oiled floor is damp mopped with a solution of Woca Natural Soap & warm water. The solution cleans the floor, strengthens the finish and increases water resistance. (coverage approx. 3500 sq. ft. per liter)

Also available Natural Soap Spray is premixed soap and water. The spray is intended for spot cleaning floors and use for counter and table tops.
(covers approx. 2500 sq. ft. per bottle)  

Cleaning agents:
Emollients extracted from soy beans and coconut oil, which also retain moisture in the floor, just as quality soap would for your hands. As they dry and form an invisible film on the surface, the floor receives added protection against wear and dirt.

When a floor has been finished with a White oil, Soap White should be used to reinforce the lighter look.



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