Master Soap

WOCA:A Soap Master/5
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5 Liters
Cleaning of all wood surfaces as well as tiles, vinyl & stone
Suitable for large floors and regular cleaning
Clean and easy to maintain floors

Master Soap is used for the regular cleaning of all wood floors. Master Soap is particularly suitable for Commercial floors that are exposed to extremely hard wear, e.g. in museums, restaurants, kindergarden, schools or airports.  Cleans gently without leaving a film. Coverage: approx 3,444-4305 sq/ft per 5L container.

  1. Mix 8 ounces of Master Soap with 2.5 gallons of warm water for daily cleaning.
  2. Clean the floor lenghthwise of the wood grain. It is recommended to use two buckets – one with the soap solution and one with rinse water. Use a cleaning machine if necessary.
  3. It is important that no water is left on the floor. Use as little water as possibly to obtain a satisfactory result.
Particularly dirty floors/stains may be cleaned with Wood Cleaner.


WOCA Master Soap Instructions