Master Color Oil Testers

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One Step:
Color and finish in one product.
Wood Types:
All domestic and exotic wood species
May be used on:
Freshly sanded interior wood floors, paneling, furniture, etc.
2-4 square feet per .9 ounce sample

WOCA Color Oil sample testers

An easy and inexpensive way to sample our products on your wood. 

Wood is a natural product and its look and character can vary from board to board.  The wood species matters, meaning the natural character, color and grain of a specific wood species will impact the treatment color and the final look.  WOCA Color Oil is offered in many colors, which can be applied as is, pre-mixed, or layered for a custom look.

By testing a WOCA Master Color Oil sample on the wood that you will be finishing, you should be able to determine the final color and look of your project. 

WOCA Color Oil Samples are eligible for Free Ground Shipping.

If you are not sure which Color Oil sample to choose or where to even begin with the look you'd like to achieve, please contact us.  We're happy to offer advice and design ideas!  Email or call 877-962-2645

Tester Instructions

  1. Dampen a clean cloth with water and wipe the sample evenly to open the wood grain and allow onto thoroughly dry
  2. Pour a small amount of WOCA Master Color Oil, on to the sample. Spread the oil with a cloth or a piece of red 3M pad. The surface should be visibly wet. Leave the oil to soak on the sample for 15 minutes.
  3. Shake oil container well before and during use. Containers with different batch numbers should be mixed before use to prevent potential color differences. Using a paint tray and paint roller, apply an even coat of oil on approx. 100-150 sq.ft. of flooring. For edges and corners use a paint brush or the center pad of a buffer pad.
  4. Wet buff with the red 3m pad to force oil into the wood, buff/polish it well. Wipe off the surface oil with a cotton cloth cloth.When finished, there should be no oil on top of the sample and you should have a silky look. Leave the sample to dry for 5 – 6 hours
  5. Repeat the oil application as in #2 & #3 above. You will use less oil than during the first application.

Note: The use of red and white 3M pads will simulate a buffer application which forces more oil into the wood and smooths the wood grain.

Warning! Rags, pads or waste soaked with WOCA oil may self-ignite if improperly discarded.Immediately after use, place all rags and waste in a sealed, water filled bucket for proper disposal


WOCA Master Color Oil Application Instructions