Maintenance and Cleaning

  • WOCA Spray Mop

    WOCA Denmark

    WOCA Spray Mop

    WOCA Spray Mop makes cleaning and maintaining wood floors easy. Practical, sturdy and simple to assemble. The reusable and machine washable cotton  blend pad gently cleans of all types of flooring, e.g. wood, tile, laminate, LVT, and vinyl. Two WOCA...

  • WOCA Exterior Deep Cleaner

    WOCA Denmark

    Exterior Deep Cleaner

    WOCA Deep Cleaner is for the cleaning of all wooden garden furniture. It effectively removes heavy dirt, green growth and weather-beaten oil residues. Use caution on furniture fittings due to the risk of corrosion. Not suitable for furniture in oak or...

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  • Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care is for vinyl, LVT, laminate, and polyurethane wood floors. WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care strengthens the surface and protects against regular wear and minor scratches. WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Care is self-removable by the next...

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  • Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Soap is for cleaning of vinyl, LVT, laminate, polyurethane and painted wood floors. Vinyl- and Finish Soap does not create a buildup, therefore it is great for frequent cleaning.

  • WOCA Exterior Multi Cleaner

    Exterior Multi Cleaner Spray

    Multi Cleaner is especially developed to clean exterior garden furniture made of Poly Rattan, wood, steel, PVC etc. It is also suitable for universal cleaning of other exterior items such as window frames, eaves and overhangs, etc. Although Multi Cleaner...

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  • Rotating Cleaning Brush 16", Carbide

    Rotating Cleaning Brush 16", Carbide

    The Mechanical Deck Cleaning Brush 16" efficiently removes old finishes and dirt from decking. It is perfect for mechanical cleaning, but is also universally compatible with all types of polishing machines because of its round shape and size. Use WOCA...

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