Maintenance and Cleaning

  • WOCA Natural Soap 2.5 liter

    WOCA Denmark

    Natural Soap

    WOCA Natural Soap is for hardwax and oil finish hardwood floor care and regular cleaning. WOCA Natural Soap is a gentle cleaner for oiled and hardwax wood flooring and wood surfaces.  The active ingredients, soy and coconut fat, leave an...

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  • Oil Refreshing Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Oil Refreshing Soap

    WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap is for rejuvenating and cleaning oiled wood  WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap, also known as Oil Refresher, is used for periodic maintenance and cleaning oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher combines gentle cleaning with oil...

    $46.38 - $103.35
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  • WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner 2.5 Liter

    WOCA Denmark

    Intensive Wood Cleaner

    WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner is a deep cleaner for unfinished wood, soaped and oiled wood surfaces PRIOR to finishing with oil.  WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner (also known as "Wood Cleaner") is a cleaner for unfinished wood surfaces and...

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  • Maintenance Gel

    Maintenance Gel

    Maintenance Gel is for prefinished and site finished oiled hardwood floor care maintenance.  Maintenance Gel can renew and restore a previously oiled floor and be used to partially touch up minor scratches and wear.  Maintenance...

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  • Polishing Cloth

    WOCA Denmark

    Polishing Cloth

    Polishing Cloths can be used under the white polishing pad of the buffer to remove the excess oil and achieve a very smooth and silky look.

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  • WOCA Wood Stain Spot Remover

    Spot Remover

    In the event of a stain, such as those resulting from red wine or mustard spills, WOCA Spot Remover is sprayed on the stain and the spot is scrubbed. It may be necessary to add Master Oil or Maintenance Paste afterward.

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  • WOCA Swep Mop

    WOCA Denmark

    WOCA Swep Mop

    Easy to use and virtually indestructible – a great investment! Features: A sturdy, non-bending Commercial grade aluminum shaft and two sturdy handles, one fixed to the shaft and one attached to the mop head, making it is easy to control how...

    $26.95 - $125.14
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  • WOCA Commercial Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Master Soap

    Master Soap, also called Commercial Soap, is used for the regular cleaning of all wood floors. Master Soap is suitable for Commercial floors that are exposed to high traffic and require frequent cleaning.  Cleans gently without leaving a film...

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  • WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray

    WOCA Denmark

    Wood Cleaner Spray

    WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray is Woca Wood Cleaner is pre-mixed with water for spot use on floors and is especially intended for use on counter and table tops. The spray will remove some oil and leave a flat appearance. Where used, re-oil the area...

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  • Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

    WOCA Denmark

    Maintenance Oil Diamond Active

    Diamond Active Maintenance Oil restores prefinished and site finished oiled wood flooring.  Wood maintenance is periodically necessary and WOCA Maintenance Oil Diamond Active revives previously oiled flooring by hand or with a floor machine...

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  • WOCA Oil Refreshing Spray Natural

    WOCA Denmark

    Oil Refreshing Soap Spray

    WOCA Oil Refresher Spray is a ready mixed product used for the periodic cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors.  Oil Refresher combines efficient cleaning with oil rejuvenation, as additional oil penetrates the wood and forms a protective...

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