• Exterior Wood Oil

    Exterior Wood Oil

    WOCA Exterior Wood Oil is based on a mixture of vegetable oil components, particularly suited for treatment of all decking woods, untreated or previously treated. WOCA Exterior Wood Oil Emulsion is also suitable for maintenance of oiled decking and other...

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  • Exterior Wood Cleaner

    WOCA Denmark

    Exterior Wood Cleaner

    Exterior Wood Cleaner is an intensive wood cleaner for the regular cleaning of all outdoor wood, including decking, wood fences and garden furniture. Exterior Wood Cleaner thoroughly removes dirt and green growth on outdoor wood surfaces...

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  • WOCA Exterior Oil Testers

    WOCA Exterior Oil Testers

    WOCA Exterior Oil Color Testers are an inexpensive way to sample Woca Deck Oil colors on your wood. Different wood species with different natural coloring will impact the treatment color and the final look of any finish. By sampling your WOCA deck oil of...

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  • Outdoor Primer, Water-based, 2.5 ltr

    Outdoor Primer, Water-based, 2.5 ltr

    WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer improves adhesion and durability of WOCA Exterior Oil for use on non-pressure treated softwood species such as; pine, larch, spruce, oak and old pressure treated wood (except for red cedar). WOCA Primer is a water based product...

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  • Exterior Multi Protector, .75 ltr

    Exterior Multi Protector, .75 ltr

    WOCA Multi Protector rejuvenates and protects exterior garden furniture made of poly rattan, wood, steel, plastic etc. It is also suitable for universal maintenance of other outdoor items such as window frames, siding etc. Product is ecologically...

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  • Exterior Deep Cleaner, 0.75 ltr

    Exterior Deep Cleaner, 0.75 ltr

    WOCA Deep Cleaner is for the cleaning of all wooden garden furniture. It effectively removes Heavy dirt, green growth and weather-beaten oil residues. Be aware of the risk of corrosion of e.g. furniture fittings. Not suitable for furniture in oak or...

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  • Hand Cleaning Brush, Carbide

    Hand Cleaning Brush, Carbide

    WOCA Deck Cleaning Brush is to be used for the manual deep cleaning of outdoor wooden decking. The Deck Cleaning Brush in combination with WOCA Exterior Cleaner effectively removes dirt, mold and mildew green growth, and old finishes. After a thorough...

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  • Rotating Cleaning Brush 16", Carbide

    Rotating Cleaning Brush 16", Carbide

    The Mechanical Deck Cleaning Brush 16" efficiently removes old finishes and dirt from decking. It is perfect for mechanical cleaning, but is also universally compatible with all types of polishing machines because of its round shape and size. Use WOCA...

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  • Telescope Handle

    Telescope Handle

    WOCA Deck Cleaning Brush Handle is for manual cleaning of wooden decks.  The handle easily attaches to WOCA's manual deck cleaning brush, making quick work of cleaning your wooden decking. Be sure to clean any wooden decking before treating with...

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