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  • WOCA Softwood Lye

    WOCA Denmark

    Softwood Lye

    WOCA Softwood Lye is treatment for Softwood species- Pines, Douglas Fir, Larch, and Spruce.  WOCA Softwood Lye lightens the wood and minimizes the yellow tones.  Softwood Lye contains white pigment and is the first step in how to whitewash...

  • WOCA Pre-Color 2.5 Liter Grey

    WOCA Denmark


    WOCA Precolor is a water based stain for coloring interior wood flooring and woodwork.   Suitable for all wood species,  Precolor colors and enhances the wood grain prior to finishing with a WOCA Penetrating Oil.  Precolor is available...

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  • WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer Water Based

    WOCA Denmark

    Outdoor Primer, Water-based

    WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer improves adhesion and durability of WOCA Exterior Oil for use on non-pressure treated softwood species such as; pine, larch, spruce, oak and old pressure treated wood (except for red cedar). WOCA Primer is a water based product...

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  • WOCA Panel White

    WOCA Denmark

    WOCA Panel White

    Panel White is a water-based product for the lighter coloring of raw or previously treated wood ceilings, paneling, shiplap, doors, and trim. The wood grain, character, and knots will lighten in color yet remain visible. For indoor use only, ideally on...

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  • WOCA Master Color Oil Designer Tester Kit

    WOCA Denmark

    Master Color Oil Designer Tester Kit

    The WOCA Master Color Oil Designer Test Kit contains all 11 colors of WOCA's Color Oil.  It is the perfect solution for finding the right color for your projects.  Packaging: 10 individual 9oz packages.

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  • WOCA Exterior Deep Cleaner

    WOCA Denmark

    Exterior Deep Cleaner

    WOCA Deep Cleaner is for the cleaning of all wooden garden furniture. It effectively removes heavy dirt, green growth and weather-beaten oil residues. Use caution on furniture fittings due to the risk of corrosion. Not suitable for furniture in oak or...

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  • Exterior Multi Protector, .75 ltr

    WOCA Denmark

    Exterior Multi Protector, .75 ltr

    WOCA Multi Protector rejuvenates and protects exterior garden furniture made of poly rattan, wood, steel, plastic etc. It is also suitable for universal maintenance of other outdoor items such as window frames, siding etc. Product is ecologically...

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  • Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Lacquer Care

    WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care is for vinyl, LVT, laminate, and polyurethane wood floors. WOCA Vinyl and Lacquer Care strengthens the surface and protects against regular wear and minor scratches. WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Care is self-removable by the next...

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  • Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Denmark

    Vinyl And Finish Soap

    WOCA Vinyl- and Finish Soap is for cleaning of vinyl, LVT, laminate, polyurethane and painted wood floors. Vinyl- and Finish Soap does not create a buildup, therefore it is great for frequent cleaning.